Traveling the Alaska Highway

by Robert Bush: July 29, 2023

Dear Friends and Family:

The Alaska Highway – familiarly referred to as the ALCAN – is a roughly 1500 mile long road beginning in Dawson Creek in British Columbia and ending Alaska.  We always thought “we should try that out someday.”  And then we thought “when is someday?”  So starting on July 29, we – Peggy  and I along with our dog Zeke –  will be leaving Bend, driving to Seattle and then heading north in our 25 foot Winnebago View RV that we bought last year.

Will this be a great and wonderful adventure, or just a really long drive?  I thought you might want to know, so I am planning on posting regular reports with photographs I take along the way. Hopefully, along with reports on the road, we will be able to send photos of spectacular landscapes and wildlife.

We are meeting friends in the Kenai Peninsula in the second week of August,  It will take us almost two weeks just to get there.  Most of that time, we will be driving through British Columbia and the Yukon in Canada, skirting alongside the Rocky Mountains and then traveling through that mountain range.

The Kenai Peninsula is a large peninsula jutting from the coast of south central Alaska, south of Anchorage.  The area contains  the Kenai Fjords National Park and Wildlife Refuge, and the towns of Seward, and Homer. We are planning on spending a few weeks in that area.

All of the written reports of this trip recommend going slowly and not making any particular plans, so other than meeting our friends, and a few reservations we have made in some campsites, we have no plans and will just drive as far as we and Zeke want to go every day.  Based on the distances we will have to travel, and the time we anticipate spending in the locations we are visiting, we expect the total trip will be at least 6 weeks in duration.

We should have intermittent internet service, so I will be sending out pictures and descriptions when I can.  And feel free to send emails or texts with any questions you might have along the way.

Here is a photo of the RV and the intrepid travelers.


And below is a rough idea of our tentative itinerary  Stay tuned for future updates.