I still have a photo album I filled when I was about 7 years old. The pictures were taken with my first camera, a Kodak Brownie. My first photo album contains pictures of my family and friends – and also contains photographs of the Sierra Nevada. We used to drive the 9 ½ hours it took to get to Mammoth Lakes back when there were only a few ski lifts in that community and no condos.  This website is dedicated to my father, who taught me to love the Sierra’s and bought me my first camera.

Crystal Lake and Crystal Crag near Mammoth Lakes, California – 1955

I have been taking pictures ever since and those early photos of the Sierras have been followed by many, many more. I have filled numerous photo albums since that first photo album. I have thousands of slides – some organized, some on light tables, and some in boxes. I have filled up every available space in my office and in my house with prints.

My Dad, the original George Bush – 1955

I don’t seem to have lost any of the enthusiasm for photography that I had as a 7 year old boy with a Brownie. This website has been so much fun to put together and to work on. I hope you like the photos.