Still in Alaska (And the Yukon)

by Robert Bush: September 29, 2023
It’s been a while since I wrote an update and the main reason is another lesson from this trip.  Things happen.  The “transfer box” that permits us to obtain electricity from “shore power” failed and we had to divert to Anchorage to get a new one installed.  This meant that for a number of days, I had no power to charge up the computer and couldn’t review or download photos.  The other reason was that we were, for days, in very inaccessable areas without interest connection.

In fact, this is going to be a bit short on words since I am sitting in an office in a campsite that has no wifi unless you are in the office.

Let’s start at probably the most remote areas we have visited – the Top of the World Highway. The Top of the World Highway is a very remote area between the town of Chicken and Dawson City.  Yes.  Chicken.  We bought a shirt that says “”Pluck It.”  And here is the chicken. There are three full time residents.  That may be because it gets to minus 65 in the winter.  It was nice day, and the tundra was starting to turn fall colors.

The Top of the World Highway was a spectacular road that traverses high tundra covered mountains between Dawson City and Chicken.  We were lucky it hadn’t rained much recently because it can be dangerous.  It was a piece of cake on the day we drove it and the changing colors of the fall tundra was magnificent.  You can see the road itself snaking along the landscape behind Peggy and Zeke.

Dawson City was the capital of the huge 1898 gold rush.  It was the capital of the Yukon Territory and a thriving town.  Much has been preserved and it has been nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site.  Here are a few images of Dawson City.


Before we headed that direction, we had a few more great days on the Kenai Peninsula.  We stayed on the hill above the Homer Spit, that presented a great view.  One of the best days of the trip was a fabulous day cruise through the Kenai Fjord outside of Seward.  Alalik Glacier, puffins, and a harbor seal resting on ice that calved from the glacier.

This is a view of the Homer Spit – an old glacial moraine that juts out 4.5 miles into Kachemak Bay on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula.  The images below are from our boat trip into the Kenai Fjord from Seward.


When we left the Kenai Peninsula and headed toward the Top of the World and Dawson City, we stopped again a Little Grizzly Lake where Zeke got to reunite with his friend, Happy, the big Pyrenees and we were presented with a beautiful rain free day and an amazing view of 16000 feet Mount Sanford reflected in the Lake.  We were visited by two loons.  The mom was busy feeding the baby loon.


Finally, a last image from our campsite that was right on the water in Seward.

I really wanted to get something out – and perhaps it is a good thing that I am sitting on a plastic chair in an office in the RV park with the laptop on my lap, where it belongs.  It is too hard to add more words to all of this – and perhaps that is a good thing.  Let the pictures do the talking and save some words for the next post.