Blue Ice Glacier

Cierva Cove is an “iceberg graveyard” – a place where prevailing winds often push icebergs that have calved off local glaciers. The bay was filled with glaciers – but none more spectacular than this beautiful blue iceberg. As you go deeper and deeper into a glacier, the weight of the the and snow above increases dramatically. As this pressure increases, the air that was originally trapped by the falling snow is forced out. As this happens, the reflective surfaces get crunched together and light no longer bounces off if the million of tiny mirrors. Instead, the light is forced to travel though the iceberg When long wavelength light (i.e. red) hits the iceberg, it is absorbed rather than reflected. The light refracted through the ice returns as blue.

Edition A19(l)x13(h)$200
Edition B24(l)x18(h)$325
Edition C29(l)x19(h)$450